Recruitment and Quality Control

A dedicated recruitment team, places all new applicants through various cross-checks to ensure JHN Healthcare hires only the highest calibre of staff.

24 Hour Availability

We offer care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also fill in last minute requirements, ensuring minimal schedule disruptions!

Managed Service

We assist organisations with coordination and scheduling temporary staff. Saving up to 15% off their current agency spending!


We ensure our customers and their carers are matched in every possible way from their requirements, service type, shift patterns, training, personality etc.

Spot Checks

We do regular spot checks on our staff to make sure they continue to meet JHN Healthcare standards.

JHN Healthcare Staff

We have an extensive staff database covering a variety of specialities including:

JHN Healthcare Staff

We have a huge number of staff in our database covering a variety of specialities including the following: